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NOTE FROM MIKE: Many people have told me that they enjoy this SQLite admin tool. I appreciate all the kind words. At this time, however, I am not updating the tool or doing any bug fixes, as I have recently changed careers. Perhaps sometime in the future I will do some additional work on it, but for now this is the final version.

Mike T's SQLite Database Administrator Tool: I created this application to be a GUI front-end for administering SQLite databases, which are very slick and lightweight, yet utilize a large portion of standard SQL syntax. This app is an ongoing little project I was originally just doing for myself, but I thought others might find it useful, so I'm offering it as freeware. I'm writing it in REALbasic, so therefore it is inherently cross-playform and avaiable for Mac OS X (Universal), Windows and Linux.

For database developers, the nice features of this app are:
  • Create new tables and view the actual CREATE TABLE statement
  • Edit table data directly, even in tables with no primary key
  • Add new records directly to a table with the same interface.
  • Import data from a tab-delimited file.
  • Maintain encrypted databases (it even saves the passwords)
  • An experimental "code completion" function

Click on the links below to download an archive for your selected platform containing the executable and a silly sample database. for Mac OS X (Universal Binary). for Windows (Win98 and above). for Linux.

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