Triple Yahtzee

One of my favorite games is Yahtzee. I still remember my first Mac and a program called "Triple Yahztee" which got me hooked on the game.

Now, whenever I want to learn a new programming platform, I use Triple Yahtzee as my "Hello World" app.


This version was written entirely in client-side JavaScript. (OK, well there's some server-side ASP just to avoid some typing...). Click here to begin. If you finish the game, you will automatically be put on the high score board!


Here is a Java applet version. You can play both 1 player and 2 player versions. Sorry, this one has no high score board.


Palm Pilot


I have also ported the code to the Palm Pilot. This version uses the Palm's database functionality to keep high scores on the palm. Click here to download the file.

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